Rider Levels Achievements 2021

This year has been a record-setter for the number of Rider Levels earned. In total, 139 certificates were issued, with another 14 evaluations still to be completed. The NBEA congratulates all these riders and their coaches on their acheivements.

English Rider Level 1

English Level 2

English Level 3

English Rider Level 4

English Rider Level 5

English Rider Level 6

English Rider Level 7

English Rider Level 8

Western Rider Level 1

Western Rider Level 2

Western Rider Level 3

Western Rider Level 4

If you feel your name should appear and it’s not here, please contact your evaluator. She may still have your paperwork. All results that have been submitted to the office have had certificates and badges sent.

Author: nbeanewsletter

The New Brunswick Equestrian Association (NBEA) is the voice for all things equine within the province and encompasses horse owners, riders, coaches and trainers.

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